Transforming Despair into Hope: Guiding Families Through the Complexities of Managing Challenging Behavior

Helping Parents Guide Their Children Through Trauma & Into Positive Safe Relationships

Traditional parenting logic often falls short when it comes to trauma-affected children. If you feel lost in the maze of parenting decisions or you’re struggling with your child’s challenging behaviors, we can help. Discover hope and reignite your initial gratitude for this journey.

3 Ways We Can Help You and Your Child

Work with a licensed counselor for child trauma. Gain tools for healing and progress through our therapy services. Virtual sessions available.

Scotty Aemis is a member of the Board of Directors for Lakeside, which provides strategies, interventions, and practices for trauma-informed education. 

The Positive Safe Relationships (PSR) approach provides an uplifting approach to navigating childhood trauma that provides real results for families.

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Feeling Lost in Parenting Your Adopted Child?

Feeling lost in parenting your adopted child? Where Do We Go From Here? transforms despair into hope, guiding families through the maze of challenging behaviors at home and school. It reveals the paradox of adoption: traditional logic and more effort doesn’t heal trauma. The real path forward is found in creating a nurturing environment for healing. Learn to understand and navigate your child’s needs, moving beyond conventional methods. Embrace a path of resilience and purpose, ensuring every child lives a significant life as God intended.

Meet Scotty Aemis

Scotty Aemis and his wife, parents to two adopted children, navigated a complex path of counseling, IEP meetings, and specialist appointments after bringing their children home. Driven by a deep understanding of child trauma, Scotty transformed their personal research into resources to help other parents.

“Having endured the pain, doubt, and hopelessness you may be facing, I’m a testament to hope. Our mission is to offer a blueprint for overcoming childhood trauma, guiding fellow parents to nurture happy, healthy children who follow Christ’s teachings. If our story resonates with you, let’s connect. Together, we can overcome childhood trauma, enabling every child to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Childhood trauma doesn’t define the future. Join our community for a healthier, happier family life.”