Family Counseling Centered Around Child Trauma Healing 

Is your family struggling to manage the effects of childhood trauma? 

Are you looking for guidance for situations specific to your family’s situation? 

Do you need a safe space for your family to process and learn ways to heal from childhood trauma in an effective way? 

We understand child trauma inside and out, and our approach to family counseling is founded around principles to help your child (and your entire family) heal and grow. Our goal is to help your family learn how to grow, thrive, and connect together! 

Family counseling sessions are virtual and designed to meet your family’s custom needs. 

Transforming Despair into Hope: Guiding Families Through the Complexities of Managing Challenging Behavior

Helping Parents Guide Their Children Through Trauma & Into Positive Safe Relationships

Traditional parenting logic often falls short when it comes to trauma-affected children. If you feel lost in the maze of parenting decisions or you’re struggling with your child’s challenging behaviors, we can help. Discover hope and reignite your initial gratitude for this journey.

Meet Our Therapist: Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary where she obtained an M.A. in  Biblical Counseling. She also has an M.A. in Forensic Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology  from the University at Buffalo. She has worked with children who have experienced early  childhood trauma and delays through foster care and adoption. She provided mobile therapy to  children and their families in their home. Rachel enjoys understanding the developmental and  emotional needs of children and families helping them develop a journey of healing and  connection.

Positive Safe Relationship PSR®

Childhood trauma therapy services incorporating a score card methodology for measuring client progress